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ETM Fitness Ranges

NOHrD Fitness - ETM are excited to now stock equipment by the German innovative fitness manufacturers NOHrD.

In 2012, NOHrD was introduced to offer a full range of fitness equipment styled for the home environment. Handcrafted from a range of wooden and metal finishes, WaterRower and NOHrD fuse form and function to offer unique fitness furniture that will fit seamlessly into even the most sophisticated of residential settings.

Slim Beam

Cable machines are one of the classic exercise machines. Fitness studios and physio therapy centres always have at least one gym cable due to their versatility and functionality.

Choosing NOHrD’s SlimBeam means selecting an exercise machine which features all the benefits of traditional cable machines, along with a top design, capable of blending into your home interior.

Enjoy the slender shape of the Slim Beam, the soft contours and high-quality wood, available in a broad range of shades and colours to suit your tastes. 

Swing Weights

Swinging movements belong to our daily routine. They are high effective and therefore a natural component of our repertoire of moves.

This becomes clear to us when our resilience (ability to withstand stress) diminishes and pain simply hinders our momentum. Prevent this by incorporating swing-training into your workout: muscles, joints and connective tissue will become flexible, supple and more resilient.

The NOHrD Swing Weights change of emphasis, extending beyond the extremities, will increase elasticity. Your connective tissue is precisely designed for such flexibility and also requires this resilience to stay in shape. 

Wall Bar

Wall bars are a truly classic piece of sports equipment- there’s hardly a gym without one!

The fine woods used to manufacture NOHrD Wall Bars, along with its curved silhouette, present a high quality piece of furniture which will blend in effortlessly to your home interior.

Available in ash, oak, cherry and walnut woods. The safety cords on the built-in side arm ensure safe training and retract automatically when folded up. 

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