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PainPod - When you suffer from pain, even the smallest everyday actions can seem difficult, daunting and demanding. Regardless of the intensity or type of pain you experience, there are always limitations on what you’re able to accomplish because of it. ETM Fitness and Painpod are here to help you take control of your pain, and control of your life.


When athletes are pushing their bodies to the max to achieve higher results, the last thing that they or their support staffs want is for the hard work put into training to go to waste. Waste can be anything from the body not being able to utilise a training session because of incomplete recovery, to an athlete being unable to compete due to an injury.

Athletes training at both professional and amateur levels can face these wasted opportunities if they do not give their body adequate time to recover. This is because strength is not gained during exercise but in the rehabilitation phase. Improvement in muscle strength is made whilst the body repairs the damage caused by exercise. Allowing an athlete’s body to recover fully ensures that they will perform better in the long run and lessens the likelihood of injury.

Through combining TENS and EMS technology, PainPod helps to stimulate muscles for improved recovery and development, helping athletes get back to training faster. PainPod also manages sports injuries or post workout pain by delivering fast drug free pain relief, anywhere, anytime. Not only will PainPod assist in the control and treatment of pain, but it also benefits athlete’s performance and recovery.


An effective warm up is essential for preparing an athlete’s body for intensive exercise. PainPod can be used for a pre warm up to increase the blood flow to the target muscles, raising their temperature for faster rates of contraction and flexibility.

If used regularly, PainPod will also assist to strengthen the vascular system of an athlete. Through ensuring proper rehabilitation, PainPod will help to promote the creation of more vessels, resulting in better movement and delivery of oxygenated blood to the muscles.

Through a cycle of stimulation, contraction and relaxation, EMS technology has been used to successfully condition muscles, even in situations where exercise was not an option. This additional strength and muscle development assists in preventing regression makes it easier to get up and go the next time around.


The muscle stimulation provided by PainPod’s EMS technology is integral for faster recovery. PainPod’s strong but non fatiguing muscle contractions help to encourage tissue normalisation, an increased number of blood vessels, and improved blood flow. This helps to stimulate the delivery of oxygenated and nutrient rich blood to the fatigued muscle groups whilst removing the waste caused by activity.

The electronic pulses help to activate the muscles, stimulating the body’s production of myokines - which are integral to the tissue regeneration process. This ensures full and healthy rehabilitation and remodeling of the weakened muscles.

The PainPod is a “3 in 1” device that also comes with a massage function. This offers the additional benefits of relaxing muscles tense from exercise and stimulating the production of endorphins to loosen the body up and lessen pain.

The main advantage of PainPod is that decreasing the amount of time necessary for full recovery between workouts allows athletes to accelerate their training schedule. More workout sessions, with better recovered muscles means greater muscle development. Proper muscle recovery also ensures that athletes can make the most out of each training session, without just further compounding muscle damage.


  • PainPod 3 is the latest and most advanced portable medical device that PainPod has produced. It is a unit that can be used anywhere, anytime for fast and completely drug-free relief.PainPod 3 is a 3-in-1 device: An Electronic Muscle Stimulator, Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine and portable massager.
  • PainPod’s signature 12 treatment modes have been upgraded and designed into the PainPod 3, each mimicking the effects of conventional massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy in a combined TENS and EMS format.
  • PainPod 3 has been masterfully designed with dual port capabilities allowing for simultaneous treatments at once.
  • PainPod 3 comes with durable anti-allergen medical grade gel massage pads in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs. In this respect, the PainPod 3 outperforms other machines on the market whose lower quality adhesive or fabric pads are more expensive to regularly replace.
  • PainPod 3 uses a high capacity lithium battery that is rechargeable from any USB outlet, and maintains approximately 20 hours of usage time in between charges. There is no specific AC chargers or constant AA battery replacements you need to deal with.
  • PainPod 3 has been researched and designed in Australia , produced in compliance with the highest standards of treatment innovation and safety.
  • PainPod 3 is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and is officially CE marked, unlike many other portable electrical massage devices on the market.
  • PainPod 3 comes with a three-year United Kingdom based manufacturer’s warranty.
  • PainPod 3 has adjustable treatment current intensity for different levels of comfort and varied pain types, allowing for full customisation to suit your specific needs.


"Well! This is a little pocket rocket! I was able to borrow a Painpod for a few days and was very sceptical as I had used various Tens machines in the past with no effect. I have a chronic back problem which gives me sciatica, varying nerve problems and a great deal of back and leg pain. Right from its first use I found this a surprisingly helpful little machine. It has varying modes of use, most of which are very useful. Having borrowed this Painpod I now had to find a supplier. We contacted Australia head office and they put us in touch with ETM Fitness. We found them very friendly and helpful right from the start. Our order came overnight and would advise anyone wanting a Painpod to contact them."


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