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ETM Fitness Ranges

PainPod - Pain Free. Anywhere. Anytime.

As demands for effective natural alternatives to medication increase, the new PainPod range brings natural to the body effective pain relief, recovery and performance benefit to pro-sports, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone, at any age, wanting a pain free lifestyle.

PainPod delivers the very latest scientific advances in BioTechnology, portable physical therapy medical devices.

By combining up to the minute advances in science waveform and micro currents with the latest neurological understandings and advanced engineering technology, we are leading the way with next generation wearable devices that are not only proven for effective pain relief but that also speed recovery and increase performance.

Our ongoing commitment to investing in the most advanced research and development program in the industry ensures that every PainPod device and accessory delivers fast, effective and proven benefits.

Whether you want to…

  • Relieve chronic or acute pain.
  • Accelerate recovery and rehabilitation after injury, surgery or trauma.
  • Increase muscle strength and improve condition.

Working in a similar way to a pain killing drug, but without the inherent health risks and side effects, PainPod closes the gate on the pain messages, at the same time, gentle, bio-pulses pass through the body tissues and muscle groups, stimulating blood-flow and improving circulation, speeding the body’s natural healing or conditioning process.

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