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PainPod Bio Belt

PainPod Bio Belt

Product code: PP002


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Product Description

The PainPod™ Bio Belt is an alternative to PainPod™ pads. When using the PainPod™ Bio Belt, the PainPod™ is ideal for treating large muscle groups and areas of pain. We recommend the PainPod™ Bio Belt as the perfect accessory when using the PainPod™ to treat musculoskeletal pain problems particularly concerning the lower back, hips, shoulder and knees. You can also use your PainPod™ to help condition your muscles on the stomach, upper arms or legs.

The new-look PainPod™ Bio Belt includes a pouch over the electrode connectors to help protect the connectors and electrode wires. This product comes with two adjustable straps for use on the torso or limbs as well as a pair of electrode wires. With the different length straps you are able to wrap your belt around your upper arms or legs if needed.

The PainPod™ Bio Belt’s large surface area makes it the perfect accessory when using the PainPod™ for:

  • Back pain (upper back, middle back and lower back pain)

  • Knee pain

  • Arm or leg pain

  • Period pain or stomach pain

  • Muskuloskeletal (osteo) problems

  • Physical therapy for mobility problems

  • Recovery from surgery or trauma

  • Sport injury or wear and tear


PainPod™ recommends the Perfect Conductor as the ideal complementary product to spray on your PainPod™ Bio Belt before use. The PainPod™ Bio Belt is also a great alternative to pads if your skin regularly feels irritated from the PainPod™ pads. If you don’t have Perfect Conductor you can use water as a conductor with the PainPod™ Bio Belt.

When using the PainPod™ Bio Belt, we recommend not using dual ports as there can be a reduction in conductivity depending on placement and bio-signals being sent through the body. No PainPod™ pads or accessories are to be used directly on open sores. One size fits all.

Included in the box:

  • PainPod™ Bio Belt

  • 1 Pair of Electrode Wires

  • 1 Short Velcro Strap

  • 1 Long Velcro Strap

Package dimensions: L 24cm x W 13cm x H 2cm
Package weight: 15kg

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