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PainPod Bio Shoes

PainPod Bio Shoes

Product code: PP005


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Product Description

The PainPod™ Bio Shoes are the ultimate accessory for relieving tired, sore feet. Use your PainPod™ Bio Shoes in the morning to boost circulation before you get moving, or after a long day to help your muscles recover and give you a fresh start in the morning. PainPod™’s special massage slippers harness the power of reflexology to relieve pain, enhance circulation and reduce stress levels.

Ideal for:

  • Poor circulation

  • Ankle pain

  • Heel pain

  • Foot pain

  • Fluid retention

The PainPod™ Bio Shoes, used in conjunction with a PainPod™, are a drug-free, highly effective option for pain relief and recovery. Use the electrode wires that come with the shoes to get the most out of your treatment. These wires are designed to be plugged into the sides of the slippers for maximum comfort.

When treating your feet with the PainPod™ Bio Shoes, we do not recommend using dual ports. Using dual ports with accessories can cause a slight dip in conductivity depending on your body’s bio make-up. You can use one shoe and one pad at once through a single port if you prefer. PainPod™ does not advise using PainPod™ physical therapy technology if you have DVT and does not recommend placing pads or accessories directly on varicose veins. No PainPod™ pads or accessories are to be used directly on open sores.


  • Regular 29.5cm in length

  • Small 26cm in length

Included in the box:

  • PainPod™ Bio Shoes

  • 1 Pair of prong fitted Electrode Wires


Package dimensions: L 31cm x W 12cm x H 5cm

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