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WaterRower - The team at ETM Fitness are pleased to announce our latest partnership with WaterRower, the Ultimate In-Home Exercise Equipment

Total body workout

A single stroke on the WaterRower Classic recruits every large muscle group in the body (84% of total muscle mass.) This total body workout builds lean muscle and burns calories at a rate up to, and even in excess of, 1000 cals / hour.

Water resistance

Unlike the mechanical feeling of fan and magnetic rowing machines, a WaterRower harnesses the power of water to provide a smooth and even resistance. Each stroke on a WaterRower churns the paddle on its unique WaterFlywheel. The result? A workout that feels and sounds just like rowing in a boat, and one that is unrivaled in replicating not only the physiological dynamics of rowing, but also the aesthetic pleasure this wooden water rowing machine brings.

As with rowing in a boat, resistance on a WaterRower is self-regulating. No need for artificial adjustment, resistance on a WaterRower is 100% natural, the harder you pull the greater the resistance. Thus a WaterRower is suitable for any user, from a total beginner through to an Olympic Champion rower.

A further benefit of the WaterFlywheel is the minimal strain that is put on joints and the lower back. Free from the impact and jarring that come with many other forms of cardiovascular exercise, a WaterRower is often used as a training tool for those rehabilitating from injury.

Designed for life

The WaterRower Original Series has been designed to fit seamlessly into the home environment. In contrast to traditional exercise equipment, the handsome wooden look of the WaterRower means that it complements the decor of almost any room in the house.

As with all WaterRowers, when not in use they can be stood up vertically for space saving storage. Transportation guide wheels on the front of the the machine allow for the WaterRower to be easily maneuvered around the home. Across the WaterRower range (with the exception of the A1 Home) all models function exactly the same. It is the aesthetic that changes to suit different environments.

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